About me

ds_birthdayI sometimes find it difficult to not be interested in something, in someway. I have the mind-cluttering ability to imagine things in their entirety, which does make things seems fascinating but there are too many things for anyone person to be fascinated in. Over the years, I’ve managed to whittle the list down to a few things that interest me more than most other things do.

PembaMy years after high school are best described as ones of “variety and experience”, mostly spent wandering the earth in search of fun and adventure, but a few stand out as important. First was coaching rugby to juniors at my old high school. After that I signed up to the South African Navy wanting to join the Navy Divers program, but after eight months of heavy PT, I was informed that divers can’t be colourblind. This set back led to another adventure though; in which I became a PADI scuba diving instructor and took up a job on a remote African island that only those who look for it, will find. My final move was then to the UK. it wasn’t meant to be as permanent as it was, but then I never expected to get married before 30 either…

vfrsI’ve always been a keen motorcyclist. My dad has had bikes since before I can remember and he bought me an 80cc scrambler when I was 14. By 16 I was road legal and independant. The first bike I bought was a Honda NSR 125 which began a six year reign of Honda ownership. When I got my full licence I bought a VFR 400 and then a VFR 750; which were 19 and 20 years old respectively, but both cemented my belief in Honda’s build quality. The accident that wrote off the 750 brought on the revolution and I purchased a BMW F650 Dakar.

orpington_marafun_2013Something happened in 2011 that has ultimately lead to the completely downfall of motorbike transportation. I began enjoying running. A small challenge was put forward by a friend to run the eight miles from Canterbury to the coast. It was an amazing run and although it broke me on the day, it awakened an old desire run far. My first marathon was the 2012 Brighton marathon which took a major effort to finish, but produced the same powerful feeling of achievement at the end. I’ve been chasing the feeling ever since, but this means going further and that means it’s so much more difficult. You can read more about my running here…

run_maps_runMy last major pastime is the much more indoor pursuit of programming. I took a computer science elective in high school, which is where I began a more proper programming than making DOS batch file menus to launch my games. Over the years, I’ve tinkered with Pascal, Delphi, Visual Basic & C#; but my best projects have been in Android, Perl and HTML/jQuery. MyMoney is an Android app that’s been available in the Play store since 2009 and RunMaps is a web application that I wrote to virtually fulfil my dream of real long distance running.


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