I am currently studying a BSc Sports Science through Loughborough College. Here is my collection of assignments that I have written so far.

In chronological order, they are…


The Effects of Beetroot Juice on VO2max

This is a short literature review into the effects of taking a nitrate supplement on the bodies ability to utilise oxygen.


The Effects of Interval Intensity and Duration on VO2max Improvements

A look at how running training should be structured in order to produce the best gains in aerobic capacity.


Impact of Social Divisions on Sport

An essay on the effects of financial inequality on sport and the benefits that financial equality brings.


Biomechanical Analysis of a Cricket Fast Bowler

Video analysis of the technique of an amateur cricket fast bowler and a comparison to recent literature.


Treating Depression With Exercise: A Fictional Case Study

An argument for a proposal and benefits of prescribing a course of exercise to treat depression in a fictional patient.